1GB LIMIT: Reliance Jio starts restoring full speed at end of day

Reliance Jio, India’s largest provider of wireless data, has modified its bandwidth limitation policy to restore full speed for the subscriber under its Happy New Year offer the next day.

So far, a 4G subscriber who crossed the daily FUP limit of 4GB or 1GB had to wait for exactly 24 hours for Jio to lift the speed limits.

Under the new policy, he gets full speed the next day morning.

This is likely to provide much relief to users as they can now look forward to a normal browsing experience the next day irrespective of how much data they use on the previous day.

Earlier, under the ‘Welcome Offer’, anyone who exhausted his data highspeed data capacity in the evening — say at 6 pm — would be on the 128 kbps experience through most of the next day.

To make things worse, the limit was imposed not on the basis of how much data was being used on the same day, but on whether the user has used more than 4GB of data in any given 24-hour period.

For example, even if you used only 2.5 GB on Wednesday, and you used 1.5 GB on Thursday in the morning, you could end up breaching the quota due to the 24-hour rule, even though you did not actually use 4GB on either day.

This was a major irritant, as many users were simply not able to keep track of how much data was being consumed in any given 24-hour period.

This system, which made it very difficult for users to control their consumption and bandwidth, seems to have been done away with. According to our tests, full speed is now restored at the end of the day, instead of waiting for 24 hours to pass.

This has come as a relief to consumers who were already fretting over the reduction of free data allowance from 4GB to 1GB per day.

Separately, the company announced that it had 72.4 mln 4G connections on its network as of the end of December. This is more than the total 3G and 4G subscribers of Bharti Airtel, India’s largest operator, put together.