Users face problems getting Reliance Jio OTP on some rival networks

screenshot_20160914_152730People trying to sign up for a new connection with Reliance Jio are facing problems receiving one-time passwords on certain rival networks, according to complaints on social media.

Buying a new connection on Reliance Jio involves generating a one-time password in certain cases, such as where you are generating a bar code using the MyJio app.

The problem does not occur with all networks, but only one or two.

Some consumers worry that rivals may be trying to prevent people from buying new SIMs from Jio, India’s largest network by data capacity.

The Mukesh Ambani-led firm has invested close to 1.4 lakh cr over the last five years and has built up one of the world’s biggest wireless data communication network, if not the greatest.

According to a recent analyst report, the company accounts for 58% of the total 3G+4G data capacity in the country.

The firm has recently announced that it will not charge separately for voice, and is offering calls free for anyone who signs up for its data services that start at Rs 149 ($2.2) per month.

The move is expected to cause a major disruption in the market where all its rivals depend on selling voice minutes to generate about 75% of their profit.

They fear that if the new company’s offer manages to become popular, there will be no takers for their own services.

India’s top three telecom operators — Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular — have already expressed their unwillingness to interconnect with and support Jio’s voice traffic. However, a strong intervention by sector regulator TRAI has ensured an uneasy truce between the three operators and the newcomer.

Many users are reporting that since they were unable to generate One Time Passwords or get any sort of text message from the new operator, they have been forced to use phone numbers of their relatives and friends to get their one time passwords.

However, it is also reported that those who have aadhaar cards and can go to the nearest Reliance Digital showroom do not have to depend on OTPs and rival networks.

It is reported that the new operator is adding half a million subscribers per day, or about 15 mln a month. In comparison, rivals like Idea Cellular and Bharti Airtel add between 1 mln to 3 mln per month.