Reliance 4G offers 300 minutes of WhatsApp, FB calls for Rs 39

Untill now, to make calls using apps, you had to subscribe to a data pack.

However, Reliance Communications has now introduced a new plan in which it will offer data for such app-to-app calls, but instead of billing you for the amount of data, it will bill you for the length of the calls.

Typically, companies provide about 100 MB of data for about Rs 40. Under the traditional method — with a 100 MB pack, you can make calls till the data pack is exhausted.

However, RCom is now experimenting with a new way of billing. Under this method, it doesn’t matter how much data your app consumes, the company will provide you connectivity for 300 minutes of app-to-app calling.

India’s regulator prevents offering of data plans exclusive to any app, and it is not clear whether the current data pack — which seems to allow only voice apps to access the Internet — is above board India’s net neutrality laws that prohibit differential charging for data based on use.

The new plan will enable RCOM’s customers to make calls worldwide through various popular data-based apps, such as JioChat, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, imo and Viber, amongst others.

It is not clear whether app-to-mobile calling is also part of the package, and it’s highly unlikely that it is offering the facility. Under app-to-mobile calls, RCom has to pay 14 paise per minute to other telecom companies, which itself comes to about 42 rupees.

RCom is calling it ‘Calling Ka Naya Tareeka’ offer.

“With ‘Calling Ka Naya Tareeka’, customers will experience significantly better app-to-app voice calls with high-definition (HD) quality and instant connections,” the company said.

Further, RCOM’s 4G LTE network in the 850- MHz spectrum band—considered worldwide as the most optimal frequency for Next-Gen voice and data services—will provide an unparalleled user experience, it claimed.

Commencing with its pan-India launch of the India-first ‘Calling Ka Naya Tareeka’ offer, RCOM is offering HD app-to-app calling at an introductory price of just Rs 39—for 300 minutes of calling in India, and anywhere in the world.

“For Rs 39, customers can talk for 300 minutes anywhere in India and worldwide—that makes it very affordable too for mass adoption,” the company said.

Unveiling the new service, Gurdeep Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Business, Reliance Communications, said, “RCOM has always had a special emotional connect with Gujarat, and we are excited to redefine voice calling in India by introducing the ‘Calling Ka Naya Tareeka’ offer in our home state, offering app-to-app talking in India, and anywhere in the world.

“Using our Next-Gen 4G LTE network, customers will experience HD quality and instant connectivity, freedom from slow Internet access and blazing data speeds on the digital superhighway. They will enjoy uninterrupted HD video streaming, super-fast uploading and downloading of movies, music and images.”

With this launch, customers in Gujarat—riding on RCOM’s world-best 4G LTE network— will also be able to experience blazing data speeds on their mobile phones and other connected devices.

Reliance Communications’ super-fast data speeds, delivered on the 850-MHz frequency band, will be available simply with a new SIM dispatch, delivered to their doorstep.

To ensure an even richer voice and data usage experience, RCOM is striking alliances with top e-Commerce companies and device manufacturers to drive the fast-evolving ecosystem. To begin with, RCOM’s Next-Gen services are being made available to customers across a range of smart devices, including mobile phones and the highly-successful Wi-Pod data access device.

RCOM has historically led the telecom story in India, and this launch of the country’s first app-to-app talking plan is the latest addition to its growing list of firsts, it said. 

Special demo zones and kiosks have been installed at the company’s Reliance Stores across the country so that customers can get to experience the true power of the new launch.