Reliance Jio to start open sale of JioFi MiFi 4G tomorrow?

JioFi MiFi Device
JioFi MiFi Device

Reliance Jio is likely to start selling its JioFi MiFi device over this weekend, according to a tip-off from an anonymous source.

According to the tipster, whose genuineness we cannot vouch for, the company will offer for public sale its recently unveiled Haier M2 JioFi device at a price of Rs 2,899 via its Digital and Digital Express stores across the country.

At present, the device is available, but only for those who have recently purchased an HP laptop and obtained a referral code.

The MiFi device was the most anticipated device from Jio when rumors of its launch started circulating last year.

However, the company did not launch the MiFi device, instead focusing only on selling LYF branded handsets through its retail arm.

In fact, the first model of Jio’s MiFi device became so old that the company seems to have moved on to a different model altogether.

“Customers will be able to avail the Jio Preview Offer on JioFi without any referral code. Let’s capitalize on this during the upcoming independence day weekend sales,” said the document.

According to it, Jio will target all laptop users ‘new and existing’ as well as high end smartphone users as its potential JioFi customers.

The Haier M2 device will be available in three colors and will support voice calling via the Jio Join voip app.

Jio Join reroutes calls from the user’s smartphone via his or her data connection, either over WiFi or 4G.

The launch of the MiFi device indicates yet another step towards the launch of full commercial operations by the up-and-coming telecom company.
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