K5 Note: Lenovo disables Youtube chat after fans get nasty


Lenovo disabled the chat function on its Youtube live stream page after fans started misbehaving during the live transmission.

Many fans were not happy with what they felt was the delay in the company disclosing the price of the K5 Note.

Some seemed to have come to the page merely to vent their frustration at the company.

At the end of the day, the Youtube chat window soon filled with stuff we can’t print here.

There was also an attempt by ‘fans’ to downvote the video over the so-called delays.

This kind of behaviour was also seen when Xiaomi and LeEco unveiled their phones recently and streamed the events live on Youtube.

In some of these cases, the viewers did have some justification. One recent event, for example, started an hour after the scheduled starting time, driving viewers nuts.

A month back, Xiaomi had to reportedly call security after a group of fans at the live event started misbehaving and sloganeering.

However, brands these days also engage in guerrilla marketing by going to their rivals’ social media pages and leaving nasty comments, pretending to be a member of the public.

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