LG introduces mosquito repellent TV in India @ Rs 26,900


LG Electronics has introduced a ‘Mosquito Away’ TV which uses an ultra sonic device to drive mosquitoes away.

“It offers the Indian consumers complete peace of mind. So far in India, Televisions were just for viewing entertainment, but now with the LG Mosquito Away Television, you not only experience great viewing but also bring home an innovative solution to keep your surroundings mosquito free,” the company said.

The LG Mosquito Away TV, developed as per the Indian insights by consumers, is equipped with an Ultra Sonic device which once activated, uses the Sound wave technology and makes mosquitoes fly away without emitting any harmful radiations.

“The technology complies with the norms of global organizations and has been tested by International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology (IIBAT), India as well. This technology does not use any chemicals, used in other toxic repellents, nor does it require refilling or any other maintenance and the most important part of the technology is that this independent operation which does not require the TV to be on to make the mosquitoes fly away,” it said.

Ultra-sonic technology refers to the use of high pitched noise to irritate and drive away pests which can hear these frequencies. It is not clear what the impact of this technology will be on other animals such as dogs, which can also hear ultrasonic ‘sound’.

India is one of the world’s hotspots for mosquito-spread diseases such as malaria and dengue.

According to National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) and official Government of India Reports, in 2015, a Dengue Outbreak was at its worst in India breaking all records of even the last 20 Years with over 10,683 registered cases of Dengue alone.

“It is once again LG’s way of putting technology to good use and making life better for consumers in India. With LG’s Mosquito Away Television, it is time to bring home health, happiness and safe environs with LG.”

The LG Mosquito Away TV will be available at select LG Brand stores at the price of Rs 26900, 80 cm while the 108 cm is available at price of Rs 47500. Actual street prices should be lower by around 10%.