Priced Rs 9,999, Meizu M3 Note wins over Redmi Note 3 for most users


Meizu, the Chinese brand that caters specifically to the tech-savvy young generation, is in the process of unveiling its 2016 smartphone — the M3 Note — in India right now.

But the big question on everybody’s mind is — Can the device — priced at Rs 9,999 for the 3+32 GB version — challenge the two reigning champions of the affordable mid-range category — the LeEco Le 1s and the Redmi Note 3? In addition, can it see off competition from the newly launched Coolpad Note 3 Plus?

Our analysis says that until the Le 2 is launched sometime later this month, the M3 Note will probably be the most attractive phone in the Rs 10,000 price range for 90% of the customers.

The reason why we have said 90% of the customers, and not 100%, has to do with the processor found inside the M3 Note — the MT6755M.

Unlike the chips in the other two models, the MT6755M is a decidedly mid-range configuration, and offers only a very very small improvement over last year’s MT6753 and 6752.

For example, the Coolpad Note 3 Plus — powered by MT6753 — scores about 700 points in single core mode and 3200 points in octa-core mode on Geekbench.

Compared to this, the MT6755M (also known as Helio P10) scores 800 points in single core and 3200 in octa-core mode.

In terms of raw power, is this enough for today’s users — especially the youth who like to push their phones to their limits? We believe this could be a challenge as the Redmi Note 3 scores 1,500 in single-core mode (3,500 in six-core mode) and the Le 1s scores 5,500 in octa-core mode — a significant power difference.


m3-noteHowever, the Meizu M3 Note can still be an attractive choice if it really delivers on the following points — especially when compared to Le 1s.

First is availability.

The Redmi Note 3 is an option largely on paper. Though it emerge superior in many comparisons and reviews, the fact is that the model is not available for the buyer because the company’s strategy of introducing it before stocks prematurely.

The second issue with the Redmi Note 3 is very poor camera performance.

When we come to the LeEco model, the 1s suffers from the following issues when compared with the Meizu M3 Note.

First, the phone has a 30% smaller battery. Second, it comes with basic Category 4 LTE, while the Meizu M3 Note supports Category 6 LTE.

Unlike in Cat 4 LTE, Cat 6 allows the phone to use two connections (carriers) at the same time, effectively doubling the download speeds to 300 Mbps. Though not currently supported by Indian operators, this could be expected to be implemented by them by the end of the year.

This is an advantage that the Meizu model has over both Le 1s and Coolpad Note 3 Plus. The Redmi Note 3, being based on a more up-to-date Snapdragon 650, also offers advanced LTE connectivity and is therefore just as good in this department.


Meizu has traditionally excelled over the others with its superior design, and the M3 Note is no exception.

The phone looks exceptionally beautiful with its curved edges and flowing glass.

“With a matchless combination of a 2.5D front panel and a metal unibody design, the Meizu m3 note offers a simplified and delicate visual perception while being smooth to use. A brand new internal structure following the concept of symmetrical aesthetics makes the unibody not only unique, but also lighter and more elegant,” the company says.

And the slim good looks have been achieved despite a massive increase in battery capacity. However, the MicroSD card slot has been sacrificed and you only get a hybrid 2nd SIM slot instead.

The Meizu m3 note is 0.5 mm thinner than the previous generation, while packing a whopping 4100mAh battery. “While multitasking, the m3 note can last an outstanding 12 hours, while under normal use it can last for two days.”


Finally therefore, we can say that for 90% of the target consumers, the Meizu M3 Note offers a more accessible and value-for-money option compared to the Xiaomi and LeEco models, and a more technologically up-to-date device and more battery-life compared to the Coolpad Note 3 Plus.


DISPLAY 5.5 in full HD
PROCESSOR MT6755M (Helio P10)
BATTERY 4100 mAh
CAMERA 13 + 5 MP
PRICE 9999

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