Reliance Jio CAF testing in final stages, RCom stores get 4G SIM stock

jiolyfReliance Jio, the upcoming 4G operator, is still busy conducting tests using customer acquisition forms or CAFs across the country in an effort to ensure a flawless activation process when it opens up the trial phase to non-staff subscribers in the coming days.

The so-called second phase soft launch was supposed to happen this month, but according to a person working at the regional headquarters of Reliance Jio at Kochi, the company is still ironing out its activation process.

“There are tons of (identity) proofs lying around (at the office),” the person said. “Testing has been completed in districts like Kochi and Thrissur, but in others like Malappuram, they’re still doing it,” he said, referring to activation testing.

One of the highlights of Jio will be its quick activation of subscriber services. While other companies rely on physically transporting the so-called ‘proofs’ to the company headquarters, Jio plans to get its retailers to snap the documents using a mobile app and upload it to the company’s headquarters.

The activation process is supposed to happen in as little as half an hour, compared to 24-48 hours for rivals.

“They want to ensure a totally glitch-free opening up. They know that even if there’s a small mistake, it can impact the image for the brand for years,” the person added.

The operator is ready to expand its employee trials to those who buy its LYF handsets and has started advertising its 4G handset brand on most TV channels.

There are also reports that the company would expand its trial to the public only after integrating RCom’s 800 MHz spectrum. According to these reports, it is possible to integrate RCom’s spectrum — which will give coverage inside buildings and basements — within a month.


UPDATE: RCom has started the upgrade process, and has created a special webpage for the same.

Meanwhile, the authorized brand shops of the company’s network partner Reliance Communications have started getting stocks of 4G SIM cards.  Most of them would have got their 4G upgrade SIMs by the end of the week.

Reliance Communications is planning to move its CDMA subscribers to the two companies’ joint 4G network starting next Wednesday.

RCom consumers have to visit a nearby Reliance Mobile Store and get their CDMA UIMs replaced with a 4G SIM card. They can then use the SIM cards in 4G GSM handsets to take advantage of high-speed data.

The move will allow Jio to integrate RCom’s 850 MHz spectrum into its existing 4G network.

Full integration of RCom’s spectrum could be done as early as end of May, according to industry experts, setting the stage for a complete commercial launch of 4G services by the company.
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