Reliance Communications launches 4G mifi device on website at Rs 2,699


Reliance Communications, controlled Anil Ambani, has listed its first 4g mifi device on its ecommerce website, just days ahead of the planned upgrade of its CDMA service to 4g LTE.

The mifi device will work on all the three bands on which Reliance Jio and Reliance Communications plan to operate their LTE services – 3, 5 and 40.

The sticker price of the device has been given as Rs 3,199, but RCom is offering a discount of 500 rupees and free home delivery.

However, there is some confusion about when the shipments will start.

On the product page, it says shipments are scheduled to start only after 30 June.

In other places, it is promising delivery from May itself. However, the device can only be used to replace an existing CDMA dongle.


The Reliance mifi device also has a built in battery of 2.3 ampere-hour, which, according to the website, should give a backup time of around 5-6 hours.

It also has a microSD card slot that supports up to 32 GB of external memory.

A single unit can support 31 simultaneous users, Reliance Communications said in its listing.

The listing has come 10 days ahead of RCom’s planned upgrade of its CDMA service to 4g. Starting from May 4,the operator will allow it’s CDMA subscribers to submit their existing UIM cards and obtain a new 4g SIM card.

They will also have to choose a new tariff plan.

RCom is offering its 4G service with the help of network partner Reliance Jio, which is also expected to announce new trial schemes over the next ten days.

Jio is also expected to offer mifi devices in the Rs 2000—2,600 range.

(LiveFyre user Tushar333 is the person who first noticed this development and brought it to our attention.)