No word on 32 GB Redmi Note 3 availability in next flash sale on March 30


Fans are eagerly waiting for information on whether or not the 32-GB version of Redmi Note 3 will be put up for sale on March 30, the date of the next flash sale.

While the invite for today’s sale initially said ’32 GB and 16 GB’ and was later corrected to ’16 GB’ only, Amazon’s registration page for the next sale of March 30 does not say anything about which model will be available (see above).

UPDATE: Responding to complaints, Xiaomi has clarified that more stocks are on their way to India from China and 32 GB sales have not been discontinued. See here.


All that Amazon has said is: “Missed the Redmi Note 3 this time? Register here for the next sale on 30th March, 2 PM.”
Considering that only 2% of the people seem to be interested in the 16 GB version (according to our online poll) and over 95% are keen on 32 GB one, this has fans scratching their head on what to do next.

Most of them were willing to wait it out, but only if Xiaomi gives some kind of assurance that the 32 GB version will be coming to India soon.

For now, the company is keeping a studied silence. Its last tweet was “Do more with #RedmiNote3’s fingerprint sensor. Login to your Mi Account now so you’re ready for the 2pm sale!” sent at around 12 PM

Not surprisingly, fans are not very impressed with by the ‘silent treatment’ that they are getting.

“They (have) stop selling 32 gb redmi note 3 as they have fear of their 16 GB stock,” complained Mayank Mittal on Twitter. “Tell me one thing that 32 GB varient will available on 30 march sale or not bcoz we have not so much waste of time,” he added.

“Start selling a product which people badly want,” said Vijay Jain. “More than two months since the product announcement and still no 32GB RN3.”

There were also those who opposed flash sales totally. Xiaomi is the only brand which is currently selling its models via this mode. LeTV switched to open sale after using the flash method for selling the first 2 lakh units.

Praveen Devadiga complained that instead of creating positive hype, flash sales are now having the opposite effect. “Xiaomi thinks they are creating hype among consumer by flash sale but instead it is backfiring..” he tweeted.

In fact, people are resorting to rather unconventional ways to appeal to the company to bring stocks.

A person by the name of Piyush Nagpal wrote a letter to ‘Dear Hugo Sir’ — referring to Hugo Barra, head of Xiaomi’s international operations — pleading with him to send him a 32 GB version of the phone.

“..the problem is that when there are flash sales, I am not at home because of school,” he explained in a letter that he put up on Twitter.

For now, though, not just people in schools, but those in front of the computer are also not able to buy the 32 GB version, and are awaiting a word from the brand on the likely availability of the variant on March 30.
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