TCS launches VoLTE solution for telecom companies

tcsTata Consultancy Services launched a solution to enable Voice over LTE services for virtualized networks.

Virtualilized networks refer to software-defined networks that lives on top of a large number actual or hardware networks. Many telecom operators are moving to virtualized networks and away from ‘bare metal’ networks to increase resilience and flexibility of the networks.

TCS’s solution helps implement 4G voice over such networks.

“Digital Technologies such as virtualization and Cloud are driving development of next-generation networks that are intelligent and programmable. In a world where smart-devices are growing rapidly and demand for mobile data is exploding, Virtualized mobile Networks help us maintain high end-user experience by improving service agility and scalability,” the company said.

Speaking about the significance of the Vol TE NFV solution, V Rajanna, Vice President and Global Head of Technology Business Unit, TCS said, “TCS NFV concerto significantly reduces development and test cycle times for virtualized network functions by automating functional, performance, scalability and compliance testing. TCS would continue to create such digital solutions and frameworks to accelerate product development cycle and hence creating a differentiator in the marketplace.”

Nishi Kant, Vice President of Mobile Networking at Brocade said, “With open interfaces and ground-up design for virtualized environment, our vBPC fits well in Concerto framework while efficiently serving high volume data and latency sensitive Vol TE”

Brandon Harper, SVP at Metaswitch, one of TCS’ partners, said the solution is one that operators can deploy today.