LeTV Le 1s: Chances to improve for 3rd flash sale

The second flash sale of the LeTV Le 1s smartphone was surprising for various reasons.

First, it was the first time that any company in India had put so many phones on sale at one go — 95,000 is not a small number and the folks at Flipkart are going to be busy for days packing the orders.

Second, the total demand for the phone, as shown by the number of people who registered for the sale, doubled to 1.03 mln this time.

The third and most curious thing is that despite twice the number of people registering for the phone, stocks lasted ten times as long as the first time.

Of course 20 seconds is not really that long a time, but still, given that the first lot of 70,000 phones had sold out in 2 seconds, it was quite intriguing that the second batch lasted ten times as long.

Another interesting fact that turned up is that normally, after any such flash sale, the number of people who could not get the phone is usually higher than the number of people who managed to get it.

This time, in our poll, the number of people who got the phone is almost twice the number of people who tried to get it, but couldn’t.poll

All this seems to suggest that many people seem to have registered multiple times in an attempt to somehow get the phone.

Indeed, it is typical during such flash sales to seek the help of friends and relatives, all of whom try their ‘lucky fingers’ to snare one of the elusive models before the inevitable and dread ‘Sold Out’ banner comes up on Flipkart.

There would of course have been some people who registered and then totally forgot to turn up at 12 pm, or were too busy to try.

Still, it would seem that despite the 1 mln registrations, the number of serious buyers of the phone is only a fraction of that number, as indicated by these multiple factors. Perhaps, people are waiting for more feedback? Perhaps they changed their mind at the last moment?

Whatever the reason, it is likely that if a similar 90,000-unit sale of the LeTV Le 1s is held next week as well, your chances of getting a phone is very very high. And that should  be good news for the tens of thousands of fans still awaiting a chance to try out what is arguably the most value for money proposition in the Indian smartphone market.