95,000 LeTV Le 1s sold out in 20 seconds; Over 1 million registrations


LeTV Le 1s, the most in-demand phone in India currently, sold 95,000 pieces in just 20 seconds as part of its second flash sales in India.

The total number of phones sold has reached 1.5 lakh in a matter of eight days — arguably the highest every tally of phones being sold in such a short time in India.

The 90,000 units have come as a reassurance to fans that the brand is here to stay and supply the demand, instead of stopping its sales after selling 100,000 units.

Meanwhile, registrations for the phone have increased by around 1 lakh in a few hours to total 1.03 mln, by far the highest in India ever.

Le 1s, it should be remembered, is being sold slightly below cost as part of the Chinese company’s marketing and ‘ecosystem’ strategy.

Hours before the sale, LeEco had said that the model had seen a total registered demand of around 9.2 lakh — the highest so far for any phone by a mile. The previous records have been in the 2 lakh range.

The registrations have risen after word-of-mouth testimonies that the model was indeed a decent candidate for the crown of the most value for money smartphone in India right now.

In fact, the popularity of the phone is so high that people have developed special software (shell scripts) that can help you buy the phone in case you feel your fingers are not fast enough.

The LeTV 1s comes with a 5.5-inch full-HD display, Helio X10 chipset, 32 GB of memory and 3 GB of RAM.

Though the camera is not as great as it could have been, the phone meets expectations in nearly every other way.

The display, performance and battery have earned users’ praise. The only major shortcoming, in terms of specifications, is the lack of Voice over LTE or VoLTE support. For more details, see our review.

The big question in front of everyone is how much demand can the Chinese company actually fulfill.

Xiaomi, which also started off by offering an ultra-cheap Mi3 phone, failed to meet the demand in India and ultimately stopped its flash sales for the model, leaving tens of thousands of people disappointed.

The next flash sale will be on 16 February, or next Tuesday.

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