LIVE: Yu Yutopia specifications revealed, price seen at Rs 25k


Yu Televentures, the sister company of Micromax, is unveiling the price and other specificatios of the most ambitious phone ever launched by an Indian brand in the country – the Yutopia.

While the price is expected to be around Rs 25,000, it has been left to the last.

The specifications of Yutopia already revealed are the following.

RAM is 4 GB, which is higher than what you find in many phones that cost twice as much as this model. What’s more, the technology used is DD4 and not DD3.

“Yutopia comes with 4GB of DDR4 RAM that surpasses not just most phones but many laptops too,” the company said.

The main camera is a 21 MP unit, while the front camera has a resolution of 8 MP with an aperture size of F2.2, which is neither too big (good) nor too small. The back camera has a 77.3 degree wide angle lens, which should help in getting more area in each photo.

The phone also has a fingerprint scanner at the back.

Display is slightly disappointing because of the size (5.2 inches), but the screen does come with 4 mln pixels or QHD resolution, translating to 565 dots per inch.

Display is made by SHARP and incorporates one glass solution and offers a contrast of 1000:1. It also comes with Corning Concore glass that is part of the main display itself, reducing its thickness. “With 5 times better indentation threshold, higher transmission performance and 2 times better edge strength, makes Yutopia a force to be reckoned with.”

Yutopia Chipset and processor are based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 platform, while the operating system is based on Android v5.1.1 Lollipop.

The Snapdragon 810 used on the model has four cortex A57 medium power cores of 2 GHz and another four low-power 1.5GHz A53 cores.

Body is made of metal. “Crafted from aircraft grade Aluminium that makes Yutopia 90% stronger than the polycarbonate and sandpaper heroes of the smartphone world. Making it a phone you would not want to mess with,” Yu said. “Armour-like strength fused within the contours of a sleek, futuristic machine, Yutopia’s elegant yet powerful design is borne of an alloy of Aluminium and Magnesium that is also used in airplanes. The unique design brings with it ideal antenna reception and temperature regulation, thus increasing performance.”

Internal memory is 32 GB, and 128 GB SD card is supported. Of the two SIM slots, one is micro SIM while the other is nano.

Battery is 3 Ah, which should give a screen-on time of around 5-6 hours.

Other features include quick charge support