Airtel 3G costs less than Reliance for low usage

Airtel, which announced its first 3g launch on Monday, will charge Rs 675 per month for a decent 1.25 GB of data usage and around Rs 2,000 for 14 GB, according to details released during the Bangalore launch.

The rates are slightly lower than those of Reliance Communications for low volume users, but costlier for those who intend to connect their 3g phones to their computers to use as mobile broadband. Comparison with Tata DoCoMo numbers, the only the other prominent player to launch 3g, are not possible as Tata DoCoMo does not reveal its charges on its website.

In comparison to Airtel’s Rs 675 per month pack for 1.25 GB per month, Reliance 3G offers only 1G for Rs 650. However, you get 2 GB from Reliance if you pay an extra Rs 75. Against Rs 2,000 for 14 GB charged by Airtel, Reliance 3G will cost you only around Rs 1,700 per month for the same amount of data.

Airtel said it has postponed 3G launches at all the other circles and is likely to meet the target only by March, and not January as it had predicted earlier.

The other prominent 3G player, Vodafone Essar, is yet to launch 3G in any circle.