Yu Yutopia registration starts, phone around the corner, price Rs 25,000


Yu Televentures, the online-oriented smartphone brand from Micromax founders, has started registrations for its high-end Yu Yutopia model, which is being billed as a rival to Chinese flagships like OnePlus Two.

The Yu Yutopia will be priced at the same range as the OnePlus Two, according to industry sources. This would suggest a price in the range of Rs 24,000-25,000, as the OnePlus Two is carries a tag of Rs 23,000 for the 16 GB version and Rs 25,000 for the 64 GB version. the Yutopia will have 32 GB of memory.

This woul make the phone the cheapest in India with a quad-HD display.

It would also help the Yu model easily beat all others in terms of value for money in the high-end. At present, the cheapest QHD phones in India are the Nexus 6 (2014) and the Moto X Style 16 GB — both of which are priced at Rs 30,000.

A discount of Rs 5,000 over the two would help Yu capture a large chunk of the ‘affordable flagship’ market.

It should also be noted that the Yutopia will not be available for everyone. Instead, the company is rumored to be planning to follow a ticket system, just like OnePlus. In fact, it has said that it will follow a ‘first in, first out’ policy as far as registrations are concerned.


OnePlus requires invites to enable customers to buy the phone.

Such a system is put in place when companies have trouble in ramping up manufacturing in the early stages of a product’s life. It also helps companies keep the launch prices very low compared to their total costs.

As days go by, the cost of materials goes down, and the company is able to make some profit on the sales, while initially there would be hardly any profit on the sales.

If you would like to join the queue for the model, please enter your email ID here.

Not many details are known about the internals of the model, apart from the 32 GB starting memory. However, going by market standards, it is likely to have 3 GB of RAM.

Though some brands have started giving processors with Cortex A72 technology, the Yutopia is unlikely to come with that. Processors with Cortex A72 — such as MediaTek Helio X30, Snapdragon 820, Kirin 950 and Exynos 7650 — are expected to be about 35% more powerful than chips such as Snapdragon 810 and Helio X20 which are found in current models.

However, incorporating this technology would make the phone costlier and therefore, we do not expect the feature to be found in the new phone.

Of course, there is no official confirmation yet that the biggest selling point of the phone – the QHD display – is indeed going to be there. However, Yu has, in a teaser aimed at OnePlus Two, wondered how a full-HD phone can be called a flagship killer.

The Yutopia will also feature a full-metal body and is also expected to flaunt a fingerprint scanner.

Another brand that will be launching its first Quad-HD phone in the coming days is Microsoft, which will launch its Lumia 950 XL in India soon. The phone, which will have a QHD AMOLED display, is likely to set you back by around Rs 50,000.

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