OnePlus to sell on Snapdeal via invites, plus reviews by users


It looks like OnePlus is finally moving away from selling just on Amazon and tying up with rival as well.

The company is expected to make an official announcement of the start of sales on Snapdeal on Friday Sept 11, going by a poster released by Snapdeal (see on the top).

UPDATE: Snapdeal is selling only the original, OnePlus One model.

Snapdeal is India’s No. 3 online retailer after Flipkart and Amazon.

However, the supply of OnePlus Two will continue to be limited and interested customers will have to go through the ‘invite’ route.

There are widespread complaints online about the low number of phones being manufactured and put up for sale (and consequently the low number of invites being given to fans.)

Meanwhile, OnePlus has also been tying with companies such as Ola Cabs and Bharti Airtel and asking fans to use these services and win invites for OnePlus Two.

Not surprisingly, many fans are far from impressed by such moves and they’ve started tagging their posts under #HYPE.

“I am frustrated and disappointed with one plus. First 1+1 was pure hype. Now for 1+2 the 1+ company is cashing in the hype by partnering with other companies like ola, snapdeal or whatever. Just creating hypes,” complained Hasan Faraaz on Facebook.

“Instead of making partners they should give out One Plus Two, to the people waiting since months,” said Muntajeeb Ali.


Meanwhile, there have been some ‘starting trouble’ for those who have bought OnePlus Two, with some even advocating that the older phone, OPO, is better than this one — especially given that it’s readily available.

Some have complained about heating issues, something that has been a concern with the Snapdragon 810 chipset contained in the phone. However, most reviews have not mentioned heating issues.

However, what has been mentioned by many reviewers is that the phone battery back up is comparatively poorer than that of the OnePlus One, which would last for more than a day easily.


Reported battery life ranges from 4-7 hours of ‘screen on time’.

“OPO had epic battery life. This just gives 1 day but standby kills battery and they have said its an software bug and it could be solved too,” said user Bala Vignesh.

However, there are clear improvements in OP2 that make it a better choice that going for the ‘One’ model, according to one user.

“Much better multitasking here. Open a webpage in Chrome, come back in the evening and the webpage wont reload. I barely close any apps yet it handles it like a boss….better performance in camera and processor and multitasking and fingerprint scanner is cool way to unlock,” he added.

Another user Naman echoed the sentiments. “Build quality, in-hand feel, camera (and) screen (show) huge improvement and fingerprint also works great for me. So best phone after LG G4, (Galaxy) S6, Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus,” he said.

The OP2 also comes with dual-SIM support — something that was missing in the first model.

Other than the poorer battery life and poor availability, reviews of OnePlus Two also point the lack of near field communication or NFC, a technology that lets you swap files and make payments without wires or cellular data. Similarly, the speaker volume and quality of the second model has been considered to be inferior to that of the first model.

That said, there seem to be some software optimizations that are missing in the OP2 which could be fixed in coming days.

“Even with an SD 810, why does the OP2 change music tracks slower than the OPO,” asked OnePlus Two user Wasil Imran. “Why is there a lag in handling the phone even with such a basic and feature stripped OS?”

He also mentioned the phone’s tendency to heat up and the lower battery life. “I agree you’ve given it a faster processor but was that really worth the change when battery life is highly compromised.”

As Vignesh added, people who’ve already bought OnePlus One can wait for the next version before upgrading. “If have OPO, there is no use of OP2 as it is just a more polished OPO with bump in performance,” he pointed out.

What the user reviews say:

Strong Points Weak Points
Visibly better display Tends to heat up
More Power/RAM Software needs work
Fingerprint scanner Poorer speaker
Better Camera No NFC
USB C support Poorer battery

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