G’Five launches gaming phone with separate console

China’s biggest local brand and the fastest growing mobile brand in India, G’Five, has brought out five new models in India — three E series (E680, E650 and E620) and one G Series (G20,) the highlight of which is the ‘gaming console’ on the last one.

The E series phones have 2.2 inch displays while the G (gaming) series phone has a 2.4 inch one. One of the models also has analogue TV reception.

They also have dual camera, though they apparently don’t have 3G support. G’Five had launched handsets that allows you to make video-calls on normal 2G networks.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the phones is the content on the 4 GB memory cards that they come with.

The E series, for example, come with 20 full-length movies, 20 ringtones and 5 FTV videos, with the North pack including movies like Singh is King, Rock On, Pardes, Taal, Wakeup Sid, Bhool Bhulaiya etc..

G20 comes with 1000 video games and a separate Gaming console — something like a remote controller. The phone has short-range wireless connnectivity that helps it keep itself hooked to the gaming console and also helps in gaming with others.

The games are of 16 bit quality (early PC games) like Mario, Contra, Tetris, Goonies, Battle City etc..

G’Five is known for its models, some of which look like more expensive phones. Due to ‘extreme affordability’, G’Five is currently the fastest growing mobile phone brand in India among the top ten.