Motorola tests on-site service for smartphones

motoMotorola has announced a ‘pick up and drop’ service for faulty mobile phones for residents of Delhi, Gurgaon and NOIDA.

Under ‘Moto Xpress’, “trained Motorola representative who will be at your doorstep on his bike, in no time,” the company, a unit of Lenovo, said.

Charges are Rs 199 per service, plus of course any material and other repairing charges.

The Moto Xpress will rectify software and accessory related issues on the spot within an hour and hardware issues will be resolved within 5 working days, Motorola said.

This is the first on-site service for mobile phones in India.

Usually, portable items like mobile phones and laptops come with ‘carry in’ warranties, while immovable items like ACs and refrigerators get ‘on-site’ warranty.

However, with rising smartphone consumption in India, brands are struggling with long queues of dissatisfied and irritated customers are their service outlets.

Besides, locating service outlets is also a pain.

In addition, service collection centers are usually open only from 10 am to 5 pm on working days and getting a phone repaired usually means losing one day’s attendance at work.

Motorola said the scheme is under pilot testing right now.

“We intend to create a simple process from the time you own a Motorola product… In India, our customer satisfaction score is over 85 percent and with our latest initiative we aim to continue enhancing our after sale services,” it said.