Samsung Galaxy J1 4G launch in India next month, price Rs 9,999


A more powerful, 4G-enabled version of Samsung’s entry-level smartphone Galaxy J1, will be launched early next month at a price of around Rs 8,999-9,999, according to distributor sources.

The phone Galaxy J1 4G will have the same 4.3 inch, 0.4 MP display and 5 MP + 2 MP cameras.

However, what will be different will be the processor, 4G support and RAM.

RAM will be upgraded to 768 MB from 512 MB while processor will go from dual-core to quad-core. As the name indicates, the new phone will support 4G LTE as well.

Of course, the J1 4G will be no match for competition in the market. For example, the Lenovo K3 Note — priced at Rs 9,999 — offers a full-HD 5.5-inch display and 2 GB of RAM.

Still, the J1 4G will be a much-needed upgrade compared to the absolutely rock-bottom specifications of the original J1.

The J1, which defines entry level with its bare-minimum specs — has come in for much criticism from would-be buyers on account of the perceived mismatch between what is on offer and the price demanded.

The J1 is priced at around Rs 6,500 in India, about twice as much as what many Indian brands charge for similarly speced phones.
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