Lenovo A6000 Plus price slashed to take on Coolpad Dazen 1

coolpad-dazen-1-vs-lenovo-a6000-plus-yu-yuphoria Lenovo has slashed the price of its wildly successful entry-level smartphone A6000 Plus to Rs 6,999 after Snapdeal cut the price of rival Coolpad Dazen 1 to Rs 5,999.

The Lenovo A6000 Plus is currently the biggest selling phone in India, and is estimated to be selling around 50,000 units per week. Last week, Lenovo said it has sold over 1 million 4G enabled entry-level handsets in India this year so far.

However, the company can easily sell another 1 mln in the next two months if it has the stock, according to an industry source. Seeing the raging demand, Coolpad, formerly a wholesale supplier of phones to Indian brands, has launched its Dazen 1 mobile phone at a cut-throat price of Rs 5,999.

“It looks like Lenovo’s decision to reduce the price of A6000 Plus is to protect its sales from Coolpad,” said an industry source.

Another factor, he added, was the threat from Micromax Yu Yuphoria, though Yuphoria is yet to make any significant dent in the A6000 Plus’ sales in India.

Both Yuphoria and the Lenovo model are now priced at Rs 6,999 and come with HD displays, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of memory and 8+5 MP cameras.

However, one factor that has been holding back Yu Yuphoria sales is the absence of produce reviews on Amazon, the website that sells the model. Normally, people buy low-priced phones only after making sure that others who have bought the phone already are happy with their purchases.

Meanwhile, Lenovo has made the A6000 Plus available for open sale through Flipkart. “Stocks are finally there to meet demand,” said the source, indicating that the stocks could last for weeks at current demand.

The slashing of the A6000 Plus’ price has removed the only incentive that buyers had to choose the Yu Yuphoria over the A6000 Plus. Otherwise, in a specification and review shoot-out, the two phones were coming too close to each other.

On paper, the Coolpad Dazen 1, which is priced Rs 1000 less, is as good as the other two phones except for built-in storage memory being only 8 GB vs 16 GB in the other two. However, in-built memory can be extended by using an micro-SD card. [socialpoll id=”2278588″]