Build a powerful PC at just Rs 16,990 – Intel advocates new cheaper, smaller desktops via NUCs

intel-nuch With the latest generation of Intel’s Broadwell chips demonstrating a great improvement in graphics capabilities, chip giant Intel is getting ready to push its new-format desktop device by teaching consumers how to build a powerful PC for just Rs 16,990 ($270).

Earlier, creating a custom PC with decent power required users to buy components such as video cards. However, with the current line-up of solutions from Intel, a full PC can be built for a smaller amount, it pointed out, announcing its “MyPCMyPride” campaign.

“Intel will be working along with Intel® Technology Providers to further empower them and create awareness amongst consumers in making their own desktop or buying new form factors like Next Unit of Computing (NUCs) and All-in-Ones (AIOs),” it said.

NUCs are targeted at regular users who want to re-use their old computers’ mouse, keyboard, displays, hard-drives and RAM modules. NUCs are small boxes that contain everything other than the above components, including a motherboard, power supply, WiFi cards and anything else that is required.

In addition, while a traditional desktop would consume about 130 watts of power including the monitor, an NUC-based PC will consume only around 50-60 watts, comparable to what many notebooks require.

The NUCs are built around the ‘U’ series chips that draw only around 15 watts of power compared to full-blown desktop processors that consume 50-80 watts.

Intel has launched a social media campaign `#MyPcMyPride’ to amplify the value of custom-built PC, meeting individual computing needs.

“Through this campaign, Intel seeks to illustrate how today’s systems, when compared to desktops from just five years ago, bring alive a whole new computing experience for users such as better graphics, superior audio and higher power efficiency at affordable price points,” it said.

One of the main areas of focus for Intel in 2015 is its desktop strategy which aims to (i) reinvigorate the category through compelling new products, (ii) reinvent the category through new form factors like the NUCs and portable AIOs and (iii) lastly, remodel the category through brand new usage models and experiences.

“Intel is committed towards aiding the Digital India vision by bringing the best computing experiences to consumers. Innovation is in Intel’s DNA and through it we strive to bring relevant technology across price points and form factors. We are working with our OEM and ODM partners to grow desktop adoption in India, while driving technology transitions and form factor innovations in the form of NUCs, custom built PCs and AIOs. By offering the right mix of flexibility and choice to consumers for their computing needs, Intel and our channel partners are bringing in the right value proposition to PC users,” said Rajiv Bhalla, Director, Sales and Marketing for South Asia at Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd.