Airtel too will launch iPhone 4 tomorrow

Airtel, India’s biggest operator, has announced that it too will launch the next edition of the apple iPhone tomorrow, along with the new operator Aircel.

Aircel had stolen the thunder from big competitors by announcing that it will launch the iPhone 4 on Friday.

Aircel’s version will be priced at around Rs 35,000 for the 16 GB version and Rs 41,000 for the 32 GB version.

Airtel did not specify the prices. “As 3G services drive the next wave of growth in the country’s telecom industry, iPhone 4 on Airtel’s exceptional high-speed network will provide customers with a truly mobile 3G experience at affordable service offerings,” Atul Bindal, head of Airtel’s mobile services said.

The biggest change in the fourth edition of the celebrated phone will be its screen — which has been bumped up to ‘retina’ level. In other words, the human eye will not be able to distinguish the individual dots on the screen as they have been packed very very closely together.

As a result, the 3.5 inch screen will now have 0.61 million pixels (megapixels) on it compared to just 0.15 megapixels in the third generation iPhone.

It will also have a 1GHz chip (running at 800 MHz) instead of the 833 MHz on the third generation phone, still being sold in India. The phone will also support HD video recording for the first time at 720 vertical pixels. In comparison, the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S2 will have nearly double the resolution on its video camera.

Initially, it was expected that the iPhone 4 will be launched by India’s biggest operators — Airtel and Vodafone — until Aircel stole the thunder and announced several weeks back that it will be launching the device.


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