After Galaxy A7, E7 & E5, Samsung to launch J5

Samsung is about to expand its entry level Android range – the Galaxy J series – by launching the second phone in the category – the Galaxy J5.

At present, Samsung has launched only the Galaxy J1, with a price of Rs 7,200 in India. The J3 and J5 will be launched in the coming days, with J5 coming ahead of the J3, according to distributor sources.

The Samsung J5 is expected to be priced around the Rs 13,000 mark and will come with a 5-inch display.

UPDATE: Prices of Galaxy J5 will be around Rs 11,500 and J7 around Rs 14,500.

Display LTE? Processor RAM Price
Galaxy A5 5-inch Amoled 720p Yes Snapdragon 410 2 GB 25500
Galaxy E5 5-inch Amoled 720p No Quad 1.2 GHz 1.5 GB 16500
Galaxy J5 5-inch LCD 720p No Quad 1.2 Ghz? 1 GB? 13000?


With this, Samsung will organize its smartphone portfolio into the following categories.

Top-end ‘S’ Series, which will be priced around Rs 50,000 for regular versions and Rs 40,000 for the compact versions.

The high-end ‘A’ Series, of which the A3, A5 and A7 have already been released, and the A9 is expected soon. This will be aimed at the value-conscious buyer who does not want to compromise on specifications. As a result, all top-end specifications, such as LTE, quad-HD displays etc, will be found in this category. However, in terms of looks and processor-capability, the Galaxy A series would trail the S series. Both the A5 and the A7 come with LTE. The A9 is expected to come with a quad-HD display.

The A5 was priced around Rs 25,000, while the A7 is priced at around Rs 30,500 at launch. The A9 is expected to be priced around the Rs 36,000 mark.

The Galaxy E Series is meant for the ‘mid range’ market, where people are willing to compromise on specifications to save money. The E7, which is a 5.5-inch model, is priced at Rs 19,500, while the E5, a 5-inch model, is priced at Rs 16,000. Neither have LTE, and come with 720p displays super AMOLED displays.

The entry level Android phones would be launched under the ‘Galaxy J Series‘ brand. Being entry level, the display will not be super Amoled, but PLS LCD. Only the J1 has been launched yet, and is priced at Rs 7,200. A 4G version of the J1 has been planned at Rs 9,900 to address the entry-level 4G market.

In the next 2-3 weeks, Samsung will launch the Galaxy J5, which will be priced around Rs 13,000. The primary difference between the Galaxy J1 and the J5 will be in the display. The J1 has a 4.3-inch 480 x 800 pixel display, while the J5 will have a 5-inch 1280 x 720 pixel display. The J1 has a dual-core processor, and the J5 is likely to have a quad-core processor, though final confirmation on this aspect could not be ascertained.

For those who don’t care about Android, Samsung is also offering the Z series, which come with Tizen operating system. Given the issue of lack of application support, we believe that this series will be absorbed by those who are looking to buy ‘a phone’ and are not worried about what kind of apps are supported by it.

Only one phone has yet been launched by Samsung yet under its Z series, and that is the Z1, priced at Rs 5,500. It is not clear if and when Samsung would launch higher versions like Z3 and Z5.