Youtube censors movie cleared by India’s Censor Board

All India Bakchod (AIB) fans may be raving against remarks by Censor Board member on the content of their ‘roast’, but Google’s Youtube has just showed that it can play a bigger censor.

According to ‘Kerala Freethinkers Forum’, Youtube has blocked a movie that they uploaded for “violation of Youtube guidelines”.

According to The Hindu, the movie, Prabhuvinte Makkal or the Lord’s Children, was approved for public exhibition by the Censor Board of India, and the blocking of the movie by Youtube based on its own internal censorship has outraged the director of the movie. The Censor Board is the official government-controlled agency that oversees movie content and decides whether a movie is fit for public exhibition or not.

“The movie was cleared by the Central Board of Film Certification. So, what inappropriate content does it have,” asked Sajeevan Anthikad, director of the movie.

The promo of the movie is still available on Youtube.