Offense is the best defense – BJP decides after Parliament wash-out

parliamBJP has decided to respond to the Congress’ protests in the same manner, and decided to use the disruption of proceeding in the Parliament in a campaign against the Congress Party.

In response to the protest of congress party members out side parliament today morning, NDA members are going to march from Vijya Chowk outside parliament to Gandhi Statue.

NDA saying this protest as ‘Save Democracy’ protest. The decision of this protest was taken after a meeting of NDA MPs with Prime minister.

Senior BJP members are joining the protest march including Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Venkaiyaah Naidu, Ravishankar Prashad. Senior BJP member Mr.Lalkrishna Advani also join protest with other members.

“PM has asked all the MPs to go to their constituency and tell People about the did of congress, andn about the involvement of Congress in not letting the Parliament run,” according to BJP leaders.

In between Rahul Gandhi met President Pranab Mukherjee with FTII students and said we will not let BJP and RSS people play with the future of education system of India.

During March Talking to media Rajeev Pratap Rudy, a senior BJP member said, ” Congress has lost all his mandate and they are distraught by the achievements of our government.”