Amit Shah says can deliver power to all villages in Bengal in one year


BJP general secretary Amit Shah said the central government will ensure that funds generated by mines in eastern India are used primarily to develop the local economy and not channelled elsewhere and said the Center could deliver power to all villages in West Bengal within one year if the state government co-operated.

Speaking at the Indian Chambers of Commerce in Kolkata, he said the BJP government has taken a number of steps to ensure development in eastern parts of the country.

“We are fully committed to development of the eastern region of the country. The central government has already given up on its share from auction of mines and every rupee from such auctions will now only go to state governments for their development. This will benefit states in the east,” Shah said.

“Including Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and North East will get 6.5 lakh crore rupees more from the centre in five years in line with recommendations of 14th Finance Commission. It is now up to the state governments to effectively utilize this money,” he added.

Attacking on the state government of West Bengal Shah said: “If we receive support from state government, we will provide 24 hour, three-phase uninterrupted power to all villages in 19 districts of West Bengal in just one year… Given law and order issues and lack of trust among general public, traders and industrialists, it will be difficult to push development schemes in the state.”

During his conference he attacked on the previous UPA government saying, There was complete policy paralysis and lack of decision making during UPA government’s ten year rule. This had adverse impact on our economic growth, he said.

We have re-established the authority of Prime Minister’s Office. There is no longer a remote-controlled government and there is no confusion on who has the authority to take decisions, he added.

He said the Centre’s attempts are kickstarting development are starting to bear fruit.

“After the launch of “Make In India” more than 1,000 companies have evinced interest to make in India while nearly 300 companies have already committed to manufacture in India,” he said.