Four dead & about ten people injured in a suicide Bomb attack near Kabul Airport


At least four person were dead and near about ten people were injured in a suicide car bomb attack near kabul international airport entrance today,police said.

Kabul CID chief Fraidoon Obaidi said,”initial from the sources says at least four people have been killed & ten got injured in this suicide attack,we are trying to identify the victims”.

Obaidi, also confirmed that the explosion was caused by a  suicide car bomb attack.

Whereas the Afghan health ministry reportedly claiming to that at least 15 people have been injured in the attack.

Smoke billowed from the scene of the explosion. A  photographer saw pieces of charred flesh strewn around the checkpoint, where passengers undergo the first round of body checks before entering the airport.

No,group till now have till now claimed any responsibility for the attack which followed bombings in the Afghan capital on Friday killing 51 people near army complex, a police academy and a United States special forces base.

These attacks are happening after first face-to-face talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban took place last month in Murree, aimed at ending the 14-year insurgency,but Taliban seems distancing itself from the talk.