Aishwarya Rai voted ‘yummiest mummy’, Katrina Kaif seen as future yummy mummy

aishwaryaAishwarya Rai has been voted as the Yummiest Mummy, while Katrina Kaif has been voted as likely to be the next Yummy Mummy in Bollywood, according to a survey conducted AC Neilsen among expectant couples.

Aishwarya Rai with 72% votes voted as Yummiest mummy in Bollywood, while 40% new and expecting mothers and fathers mentioned Katrina Kaif as likely to be the next yummy mummy.

In previous year too, Rai had been voted as the Yummiest Mummy. The first edition of Yummy Mummy survey had Shilpa Shetty topping the charts in 2013.

Aishwarya Rai had been much criticized for letting herself gain weight in the aftermath of her pregnancy a couple of years ago. However, Rai has silenced her critics by almost going back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

This survey was conducted across 11 cities of India on 1100 people with 100 people from each city.

The Couple Abhishek & Aishwarya has been voted as ‘Yummy Parents’ of Bollywood with 77% votes.

Voters also added that, “Abhishek bachchan is standing out as a role model for young fathers and fathers-to-be.”

The survey also revealed that,92% of the husbands,expecting to be father wants their wife to look the way she used to look before pregnancy. 89%  of new dads and expecting to be agree that they actively take steps to make their wife a Yummy Mummy.

67% of new parents include beautiful skin with Yummy Mummy, 75 % new and expecting mothers in India agree that they are afraid of scars and post-delivery recovery from C-section surgery, 82% of new and expecting fathers agree that they will buy beauty products for their wives to reduce pregnancy stretch marks and lines and 91% of those surveyed agreed that they want their wife to be a Yummy Mummy.