Blue Star launches 34 water purifier models priced from Rs 7.9k

Air conditioning and Refrigeration manufacturer Blue Star Limited said it launched 34 models of residential water purifiers with RO, UV, RO UV, RO+UV technologies. The company also said that it also plans to invest about Rs 30 crores on water purifiers in FY20.

The offering, under brands such as Stella, Prisma, Imperia and Eleanor, have been priced from Rs 10,900 to Rs 46,900 for RO variants and from Rs 7,900 to Rs 9,900 for UV variants.

Blue Star said that water purifier models including Stella, Imperia and Eleanor use technology that enhances the pH level of water, which, according to the company, helps wash away toxins that causes harm to the body.

Blue Star, which was initially a commercial market-focused brand, entered the residential air conditioner segment in 2011 and now has more than 4,000 retail points for air conditioners.

It ventured into the residential water purifier business in October 2016 with a range of 13 models.

The residential water purifiers market in the country is pegged at about Rs 5,000 crores, increasing a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of around 8-9%.

About 4 million units sold every year are electric viz RO, UV, RO+UV and its variants.

In terms of value, due to their higher price points, electric purifiers contribute to about 85% of the market whilst the balance comprises gravity-based purifiers.

Blue Star said that it has plans to increase its presence to more than 5,000 stores in the current year in addition to the already present 2,800 stores in over 138 towns in India.

Blue Star is India’s largest air conditioning and commercial refrigeration manufacturer, with an annual turnover of over Rs 4,600 crores.

The company has 32 offices, 5 manufacturing facilities and 2,800 employees across India.