GHCL launches two new brands of bedding products

GHCL, one of India’s leading manufacturers of home textiles launched a traceable Egyptian cotton bedding brand called Nile Harvest.

The products will be sold mainly in the US and UK markets.

The company has partnered with Tailorlux GmBH of Germany to use its IntegriTex technology for the marking and traceability of Egyptian cotton.

The firm also launched health and wellness bedding products launched under the brand name Meditasi which mainly focuses on improving the health and wellness and rejuvenating the user during sleep.

Earlier last year, GHCL had launched its bedding products brands REKOOP and CIRKULARITY.

Commissioned in 2006, GHCL is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of bed sheets, bed linen, comforter sets and sheet sets in India.

The company’s home textile products are exported worldwide including to countries like USA, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.