Honda Unicorn 2023 is finally here, priced at Rs 1.09 lakh

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter today launched what is perhaps among the most awaited motorcycle in the last several weeks — the 2023 model of the Honda Unicorn.

Priced at around the 1.25 lakh mark, Honda Unicorn is arguably the most well-loved and respected ‘mass market’ motorcycle in the country, and has made a strong reputation for itself for its reliability, comfort and value.

Unicorn 2023 comes with OBD2 or On-board diagnostics 2. For several weeks now, Hondo showrooms have been unable to sell Unicorn bikes because of the lack of availability of the 2022 model, and the lack of shipments of the new model.

The new 160 CC engine delivers heightened efficiency and seamless power delivery, the company said.

“The advanced & efficient engine is specially designed to deliver good low-end torque and fuel efficiency. The compression ratio of 10:1 leads to punchy performance. Smooth power delivery is ensured with a rocker arm which helps in reduction of friction losses. The new engine also comes equipped with counterweight balancer which reduces vibrations and helps in delivering smooth acceleration from low to high rpm,” it added.

It also comes with ABS (Antiskid-brake system), tubeless tyres and one of the distinct features of the Unicorn – a mono-shock-absorption system. Ground clearance is at 187mm and wheelbase is at 1335mm. The seat length is 715mm.

The company is offering a special 10-year warranty package NEW (3 years standard + 7 years optional extended warranty) on 2023 Unicorn, which is available in four color options – Pearl Igneous Black, Imperial Red Metallic, Mat Axis Gray Metallic & Pearl Siren Blue.

It is priced at Rs. 1,09,800, excluding road taxes and other levies.