Delhi Exit Polls: All exit polls predict yet another AAP win

The first exit poll on the Delhi Assembly elections has called it a win for the Aam Aadmi Party with 44 out of 70 seats. The BJP will win all the remaining 26 seats, the poll said.


In terms of vote shares, AAP will see a decline of 3.3 percentage points to 51% of the total votes, while the Congress Party will see a decline of 3.7% to 6%.

The BJP will gain 8.3% in votes share, according to Times Now.

Another exit poll, Jan Kit Baat, projects 55 seats for the AAP and 15 seats for the BJP.

Like the Ipsos Times Now poll, Jan Ki Baat also projects no seats for either the Congress or the ‘others’.

The third poll, India News Nation, also projects 55 seats to the AAP and 14 seats to the BJP. However, it also gives 1 seat to the Congress.

The fourth exit poll from Newx predicts 53 seats to the AAP and 12-13 for BJP.

Aam Aadmi Party is fighting for its survival and to retain power in the National Capital Region, the only place where it has enough support to form a government.

The results indicate a continuation of the losing streak for the BJP. The party has lost a string of states in recent months, including Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka (later reversed through bypolls), and even Maharashtra, where it faced an alliance-breakdown after emerging victorious.