Land acquisition for NOIDA Jewar Airport practically complete

Delhi’s existing airport at Palam

The Uttar Pradesh government has awarded compensation of Rs 951.44 cr for the acquisition of 1,238 hectares required for the construction of the new NOIDA airport at Jewar on the outskirts of Delhi, Union Civil Aviation Ministry said.

The land for which compensation has been declared comes to 99.8% of the private land that has to be acquired for the airport, and 93% of the total land that is required.

Out of the total 1,334 acres identified for the airport, 1,240 acres was with private citizens — mostly farmers — while the remaining 94 hectares is with the state government itself.

With this, the state government has arranged 99.99% of the land required the project.

Meanwhile, those who are interested in developing the airport can participate in the e-tender process that was opened in May this year and will be open till the end of October.

The ministry said the Jewar airport will be ready by 2023-24.

The airport part of the nearly half a dozen ‘second airports’ being developed in India’s major cities.

India has traditionally preferred to have only one airport in a city to make sure that they remain profitable.

However, increasing traffic has forced the government to approve plans to set up second airports in most major cities in the country, including Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Goa and Delhi.

The Jewar airport, which will be ‘Delhi’s’ second airport, is being implemented by Government of Uttar pradesh through NIAL or Noida International Airport Ltd — a company set up for the purpose.

At present, Delhi’s only airport is on the South Eastern side at Palam village, near Gurgaon, making it inconvenient for those who live in eastern suburbs like Noida and ‘Trans-Yamuna’.