Delhi High Court stays felling of 16,500 trees

The Delhi High Court has stayed the central government’s decision to cut 15,000 trees in Delhi to make space for quarters for bureaucrats.

The stay will be in place till the next date of hearing — July 4.

The National Green Tribunal will be hearing the case on July 2.

Some trees have already been cut. The government argued that it will plant saplings to compensate for the fallen trees.

However, activists opposed the move, pointing to the abysmal air quality levels with in the city, which has a reputation as one of the world’s most polluted.

Unlike other cities, Delhi has a lot of reserved forests within its boundary. These green zones were set up during the rule of Indira Gandhi as part of efforts to protect the environment.

The trees were to be cut in areas like Nauroji Nagar, Sarojini Nagar and Netaji Nagar.

It’s been reported that the government plans to cut a whopping 11,000 trees in Sarojini Nagar out of a total of 13,128 trees in the area.