16 Congress candidates likely to approach High Court for VVPAT counting

Sixteen candidates of the Indian National Congress, who lost the Gujarat state elections by a margin of 3,000 votes or less, are likely to approach the Gujarat High Court to seek counting of paper slips.

It is expected that there are about 40 seats where the victory margin was 3000 or less.

The candidates will approach the court in their personal capacities, while the Congress Party and not on behalf of their party.

The move comes in the wake of reports that the limited tallying that the Election Commission conducted between paper records and EVMs resulted in a 100% match between the two.

The Election Commission used paper records, also known as voter verifiable paper audit trail or VVPAT, in nearly all the booths for the Gujarat Elections of last week.

The results of the elections were unusually close, with the Congress winning 77 seats and the BJP winning 99 seats.

A swing of 11 seats from the BJP to the Congress is enough to negate the BJP’s victory.

The Supreme Court has already rejected a petition by the Congress Party to have the electronic and paper records tallied in at least 25% of the total booths.

The court asked the party to follow the proper procedure if it wanted a recount.