Govt seeks sports memorabilia from citizens for first ever Sports Museum

India will establish its first National Sports Museum at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi, and has appealed to citizens to contribute any memorabilia held by them for permanent display in the National Sports Museum.

The contributors will be recognized and acknowledged, the ministry of youth affairs and sports said in a statement.

“The aim of the Museum is to popularise the sports as a way of life within the country,” it said.

The proposed Museum will go beyond the classical approach of a collection of memorabilia to become an interactive venue of interest for all age groups, it said.

It will display achievements of the Indian greats in sports and also act as an educational hub and offer opportunity for the young to delve into some sporting activity.

Traditional sports of India will also find a place.

The Museum will have audio-visual display of rules and legacy events pertaining to various sports as part of education for the budding sportspersons, a library of sports and physical fitness, painting gallery and amphitheater for screening of legacy matches, contests and games.

It will also have a cafeteria, an activity zone, a souvenir shop and a play area.

“It is proposed that the activities planned in various segments will include sporting activities, sports related computer games and kiosks selling sports memorabilia and sports equipment,” the ministry said.

The first phase for establishing the museum will commence soon as the idea has been transformed from concept to museum model stage by the experts.