Zee launches ‘nationalist’ news channel Hindustan with no TRP obsession

Zee Media Ltd, the news broadcasting company of the Essel Group, has launched Zee Hindustan, a self-described ‘nationalist’ Hindi news channel.

Most Indian news channels are ‘nationalist’ already, and it is unclear how the new venture from the media house plans to be sufficiently different.

“Indian Television Industry will witness the new age News business from 21st May 2017, with the addition of its first Nationalist News Channel Zee Hindustan,” the company said.

“This will change the perception of news content both in terms of broadcasting as well as viewing,” it said.

Zee is seen as the ‘most nationalist’ of all media houses in India and has consistently upheld ‘patriotic’ views and opposed ‘liberals’ and students who it feels are trying to divide India. The new channel will further solidify the ‘nationalist’ positioning.

“ZEE Hindustan will step forward not only with politics but also with nationalism,” the company said.

The channel is available on Tata Sky on 528, Dish TV on 675 and Airtel DTH on 339.


It also added that it will give more importance to politics in the capital, but also nearby states such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh and will not simply chase television rating points, the company added.

“The main agenda of the channel will be to cover the entire gamut of content from various states without restricting itself only to National Capital or metropolitan cities and hence will come out of the TRP race. The news covering will be in an innovative fashion to give the viewers a different experience altogether,” it said.

“In the present scenario, where other news channels from all the languages are busy discussing the national capital priorities, there will be one channel which will discuss the state’s news affairs which can influence the center,” said Jagdeesh Chandra, Executive Director & CEO Regional Channels, ZMCL said.

“Why do States like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Assam not set Agendas in Delhi? The answer to these questions lie in ZEE Hindustan, because we believe that states make the Nation,” he added.

“We will broadcast not just Live events from New Delhi but also from different States.”

Zee Hindustan channel’s programing lineup includes ‘11 pm CM’s Corner’ – a show that will broadcast stories of States’ Chief Ministers and the bureaucracy.

“What did your Chief Minister do for you? What are the important announcements from the government to its people? All these questions will be raised by us,” it said.

Every morning at 8, ZEE Hindustan will offer a complete one hour show ‘Anandam’ “that will bring colors of hope, positivity and cast a ray of the new dawn every morning through your TV.”

“As a content differentiator, you will not only see the news but also read it,” it added.

ZEE Hindustan will flash more than 1500 news throughout the day. Thus, paving the way for viewers to experience Newspaper, website, social media and television all in a single window of Zee Hindustan, it claimed.