Sorrow after Tamil channels say Jayalalitha dead, AIADMK lowers flag


The AIADMK has lowered its flag at its headquarters, setting off a frenzy of sorry in Tamil Nadu as desperate followers of Chief Minister J Jayalalitha broke down in tears.

UPDATE: The AIADMK has rehoisted its flag after bringing it down initially.

There were wailings and sobbings around the Apollo Hospital in Chennai, where Jayalalitha is being treated for cardiac arrest.

This follows some Tamil media reports that the CM was indeed no more.

However, Jaya TV, controlled by the AIADMK has not given any update yet.

UPDATE: The Apollo Hospital said she was not dead and that doctors continued to treat her.

“Some TV channels are reporting that the honorable Chief Minister is no more. That is totally baseless and untrue,” the hospital said in its update after the media reports.

The same TV channels who reported the news are now carrying the clarification from the hospital.

None of the national media houses were able to confirm any news of her death or otherwise.

Many of the shops in Chennai have starting lowering their shutters after reports that AIADMK supporters have been clashing with the police and removing barricades.

According to doctors, it is possible to keep a person on a heart assist device for days together.

Though no official word has come from the party on whether or not she is dead, many of her supporters feel cheated that they have been kept in the dark.

The chief minister of Tamil Nadu was admitted to the hospital 75 days ago for septicemia and other complications, and had been reported to be recovering from the ailments slowly.

P Paneerselvam, a minister in her cabinet, had been the stand-in chief minister looking after matters for the last two months.

Many ministers, politicians and film stars have been visiting Apollo Hospital for the last few hours, following news that she had suffered a cardiac arrest and had been put on a life support system.

A team of doctors from Delhi were also flow in in the afternoon. Another group is on its way from London.

Security has been increased around the Apollo Hospital in Chennai and all roads leading to the hospital have been blocked by the police.