Kapil Sharma to be summoned by Police over anti-corruption tweet

bmcComedian Kapil Sharma is set to be summoned by Mumbai Police after he sent off a tweet saying he was asked by local municipal authorities for a bribe of Rs 5 lakh when he was constructing his office.

Sharma had asked BJP leader and Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking if this was the better days he promised.

The tweet has created ripples in the ruling party because of Sharma’s extreme popularity.

Soon after, BJP MLA Ram Kadam lodged a complaint with the Mumbai Police seeking that Sharma be summoned for getting more details of the case.

“Kapil Sharma took to social media, but he should have complained right when the incident happened,” Kadam said.

People, especially those busy with their careers and business, typically do not file police complaints about corruption due to the requirement to produce various proofs and appear in the court multiple times.

India’s legal system is among the world’s slowest and a single case can drag on for 10 years or more.

It is possible that Sharma did not lodge an official complaint because of this reason. However, with BJP MLA Ram Kadam lodging the complaint, the comedian may automatically be tied up in the legal case, and may have to appear before the courts often.

India’s political parties are very sensitive to allegations of corruption.
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