EXIT POLL RESULTS LIVE – Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam, West Bengal

exit-poll-resultsThe Exit poll results are starting to pour in for the assembly elections held over the last few days in West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Assam.


Kerala will see the Left Democratic Front roar back to power with 90-100 seats out of 140, while the Congress front will face a crushing defeat according to India Today channel.

The anti-incumbency factor was 67%, which means that two thirds of the people wanted a change in the government.

The most favored CM candidate was VS Achyuthanandan, while Pinarayi Vijayan got only 12%.

UDF’s vote share has gone from 45% to 35%, while the LDF’s vote share has gone from 44% to 43%. BJP’s share doubled to 11% from 5.6%.

According to the second poll, the LDF will win, but with a lower majority. According to Axis, the UDF will get 58 seats, while the LDF will get 78. BJP will have 0-4 seats.

According to India News, BJP will get 15% of the votes and 8 seats. Another channel, News Nation, has actually predicted that the composition of the assembly will remain largely unchanged after the election.


Trinamool Congress is all set to retain West Bengal according to most exit poll results, while the BJP is expected to run away with Assam. The vote share of the BJP is seen at around 45% in Assam.

According to ABP Ananda TV channel, Mamata Bannerjee’s Trinamool Congress will get 178 seats, while giving the main opposition Congress-Left combine only 110 seats.


Tamil Nadu is set to see a change in government with Karunanidhi’s DMK all set to return according to the trends. DMK will get 39% of the votes while Jayalalitha’s AIADMK will get 34%.

BJP will end up with only 1 seat according to the ABP Ananda exit poll result.

A similar trend was seen in India Today/Aaj Tak’s poll too, with Jayalalitha getting around 95 while DMK will get about 132 seats.


Assam will favor the BJP, with the party easily getting a huge majority compared to the runner-up Congress. The BJP will get about 80-90, while the Congress will have to be happy with about 30, according to exit pollsters.


Many other organizations will also announce their exit results today.

Except for West Bengal, it is a cliff hanger in all other states.

In Kerala, BJP will try to open its account, while the Left front and Congress will fight to remain relevant in the face of a growing NDA trend.

Results will be announced only after 6:30 as gates to the polling centers close at that time.

Please refresh this page every 2 minutes for fresh results below:


 Chanakya ABP
WEST BENGAL                 
TMC 210  178 210 167
Left+Cong  70  110 70 120
BJP  1
AIADMK+ 89-101  95-99 90
DMK+ 124-140  114-118  140
Cong+ 38-48 70 57  58
Left 88-101 69 78 78
BJP+   0-3  1 8  2
BJP+ 81 79-93 90
CONG+ 33 26-33 27