AirAsia discount sale: Bangkok at Rs 3.3k; Australia at Rs 8k


AirAsia is offering big discounts on airfare as part of its summer sale this week, including an offer of Rs 3,333 for a ticket from Kochi to Bangkok.


The Rs 3,333 offer for a Thailand ticket is, without doubt, the cheapest such offer in India in recent times, or perhaps ever. If you rather go to Australia, the ticket price from Kochi to Perth is just Rs 10,209, and to New Zealand, it’s 19,680. Osaka in Japan is Rs 11,738 away, while Seoul in South Korea is Rs 12,902 away.

AirAsia does not operate from Mumbai. But it offers some cheap fares from other airports such as New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Goa, Trichy and

After Kochi, the cheapest fares to South East Asia are from Trichy and Chennai.

A ticket to Kuala Lumpur from Trichy costs Rs 3,999, but no flights to Bangkok or any Thai destination are listed from this airport.

However, you can buy one to Tokyo at Rs 15,741, while Perth in Australia is just Rs 8,079 away.

The next cheapest offers are from Chennai. From here, you can go to Bangkok in a direct flight at Rs 4,999 and to KL at Rs 5,399. These fares are all in, according to AirAsia, and valid till booking period of May 15.

Tickets from Bangalore to these holiday destinations are actually more expensive than from Goa despite being closer, indicating the impact of high airport fees.

kl-airasiaWhile a ticket from Goa to KL costs Rs 5,399, the same ticket from Bangalore costs Rs 6,999.

However, while there no flights from Goa to Bangkok, there is one from Bangalore to Bangkok, which is priced Rs 5,999 under the sale.

From Hyderabad, there are no tickets to Bangkok under the sale, but there’s one to KL at a price of Rs 5,699.

For those traveling from New Delhi, the cheapest offer is for KL at Rs 6,990 and Bangkok at Rs 8,999. Tokyo fare is Rs 14,458 and that to Perth is Rs 15,099.


AirAsia is also offering big discounts on tickets to Goa and other domestic destinations for bookings done till May 15. Bangalore to Kochi, for example, is just Rs 1,659 — comparable to the price of a bus ticket. For the same price, you can also travel from the IT city to Goa.

If, instead, you are located in Delhi, Goa tickets are available at Rs 3,699, which is remarkable as it is cheaper for a Keralite to fly to Bangkok in Thailand than for a Delhiite to fly to Goa for a beach vacation.