Tata Motors sees brisk growth in auto sales for April


Tata Motors saw sales growth of 9.9% in April 2016 at 39,763 vehicles compared to total commercial and passenger vehicles sales of 36,190 units in April 2015.

The company’s domestic sales of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles for April 2016 were 35,978 nos, a growth of 11% over 32,404 vehicles, sold in April 2015.

Full-year numbers were not available readily.

Passenger Vehicles

In April 2016, Tata Motors passenger vehicles recorded sales of 11,161, a growth of 7.9%, compared to 10,341, sold in April 2015.

Sales of passenger cars in April 2016 was 9,451, higher by 5.9%, over April 2015, UV sales increased by over 7.7% at 1,389, in April 2016.

Commercial Vehicles

The company’s sales of commercial vehicles in April 2016 in the domestic market were at 25,138, higher by 13.3%, over April 2015. LCV sales were at 12,416, an increase of 13.3% over April 2015.

Medium and heavy commercial vehicle sales continued to show growth at 12,722, higher by 13.3% over April 2015.


The company’s sales from exports was flat at 3,785 nos., in April 2016, compared to April 2015.