Bernie Sanders back in reckoning after today’s Democratic Party Primary Poll Results

dem-presidential Two of the three states where primary polls were conducted by the Democratic Party today to elect their presidential candidate have gone to Bernie Sanders, giving a shot in the arm to the Senator’s campaign.

Sanders had managed to pick up only around 40% of the total delegates on Super Tuesday, while Clinton picked up the remaining 60%.

Kansas and Nebraska have both gone to Bernie Sanders, with the Senator winning 67% of the votes in Kansas and 55% in Nebraska. However, Clinton is easily expected to win in the southern state of Louisiana with 70% of the votes vs 21% for Sanders.

Despite having only one state, Clinton has won as many delegates today as Sanders has because of the larger size of Louisiana delegation.

Maine will go to the polls on Sunday, while Michigan and Missisippi will elect their presidential delegates on Tuesday.

So far, Clinton has been sweeping southern states, capturing most of the African American votes due to her image as a Barack Obama administration insider. Obama carries a lot of clout among African Americans due to his status as the first black president of the USA.

However, Clinton may he headed for trouble if Sanders continues to rack up wins outside the southern belt. On the other hand, if Sanders doesn’t manage to decisively beat Clinton in the upcoming caucuses and primaries, he would find it difficult to attract the so-called super delegates to his side, without whose support the senator may find it hard to get the Democratic Party nomination.

Before today, Sanders had around 400 committed delegates, while Clinton has around 600. She also enjoys the support of most the party officials and super delegates, but that can change if Sanders can decisively beat Clinton in the upcoming primaries.

The tallies are likely to up by about 45-50 delegates on both sides at the end of the day.

Sanders has projected himself as the outsider, while Clinton is clearly seen as the insider. Sanders also holds more unconventional ideas compared to Clinton on topics such as healthcare, financial sector reform etc, and has managed to capture the attention of the young voters.
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