Air India hires RITES as consultant

RITESAir India has entered into an agreement with RITES or Rail India Technical and Economic Service to use the latter as a project consultant.

“With the signing of the MoU the two companies will cooperate in their future projects, in areas of planning, design and construction management of aircraft maintenance hangars, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), buildings, workshops, administrative buildings, air cargo terminals, etc.,” Air India said.

RITES, a Govt of India enterprise, is a leading international consultancy and project management organization specializing in transport infrastructure service covering railways, airports, highways, ports and harbours etc.

It started as an exclusive consultant for the Indian Railways.

Air India will also seek cooperation with RITES in project feasibility report, site investigation and material surveys, environmental impact assessment, preliminary project reports, preliminary cost studies and economic evaluations, surveys and traffic forecasts.

RITES will also help in the preparations of detailed project reports, design of airport pavements, preparation of specifications & schedule of quantities, preparation of contract documents, project management, construction supervision, quality control, procurement, detailed design and cost planning of all engineering & construction works, or any other such projects in the field of aviation, for which RITES has the necessary professional expertise available.