Vodafone to let subscribers choose their own number

vodafoneVodafone India said it will allow its subscribers, starting with those in the NCR, to choose their own number.

At present, subscribers have to choose from a limited set of numbers in stock with the retailer.

However, under the new scheme, they can request for any number (except premium numbers such as 981111111).

“Customers can approach any of the 52 stores and 212 mini stores and over 40000 agents, whom they are buying the new Vodafone prepaid connection, for the availability of the desired combination,” it said.

The service is free of charge and available to all subscribers.

“Customers in Delhi & NCR can opt for numeric combinations based on their lucky number, car registration number, date of birth, anniversary or any other favourite number,” it said.

“Choose your number offer has also been designed against the backdrop of giving our customers the freedom to choose,” said Apoorva Mehrotra, Business Head, Delhi & NCR, Vodafone India.

“Our customer research also indicates that there is a deep interest amongst the mobile users to have numbers aligned with some significant event in their lives. With Choose your number offer we want to acknowledge the faith they have invested in our network and offer another benefit to the prospective customers who have shown interest in subscribing to Vodafone.”

However, premium numbers will be kept out of the ambit of the scheme.