Consumer prices rise higher in April from March

Prices are rising faster in rural areas compared to urban areas, according to the consumer price index readings for April.

Inflation was up from 7% in March to 8% in April in rural areas while it climbed 4% to 5% in urban areas.

Overall consumer prices were up 8% in rural areas while they were up only 5% in urban, during April. The comparisons are made to prices prevailing in April last year.

The biggest rise in consumer (on-street) prices was seen in fruits, whose prices jumped 34% in April in urban areas and 29% in rural. Pan and intoxicants followed closely with a rise of 15% in rural areas and spices too were up 16%.

Clothes, bedding and footwear rose by 12% and 13% in rural and urban areas respectively.

Oils, fruits, spices, intoxicants, clothing and footwear were the only items which saw 10% or higher price rise.

Vegetable prices were down by 11% in April, thanks to the high prices seen during the same time last year. Sugar too was down 6%.