Yeddyurappa claims support from 121 MLAs out of 224 total, on his way to Delhi

Embattled Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has claimed support from 121 MLAs out of the total 224 members in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

Yeddy, as he is popularly known, is on his way to the national capital Delhi where he plans to speak to the Prime Minister and the President of India. All BJP MLAs are expected to accompany the CM to the meetings.

He accused the Governor HR Bhardwaj of harboring the undemocratic ambition of ruling the Karnataka state by himself, after dismissing the elected government.

Bhardwaj had, on Sunday, asked the Government of Karnataka to be dismissed due to “unconstitutional behaviour” by the Karnataka Speaker and the chief minister. According to the governor, the way the 16 MLAs — who withdrew support to the Yeddy government last year — were dismissed was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court too, had struck down the Speaker’s move.

Yeddy, however, said he continues to have the support of all the MLAs and accused Bhardwaj of over-reaching his powers and harboring the ambition to rule the state by himself.

“In a democracy, you cannot work like that. Whey you have got absolute majority, you cannot dismiss the government. I can prove it,” he said.

Meanwhile, BJP president Nitin Gadkari urged the Congress to recall the Governor and appoint him as a special invitee in the All India Congress Committee — the top body of the Congress party. “He would be of better use as a secretary to [Congress President] Sonia Gandhi,” he added.