LDF may wait for Congress to mess up instead of forming gov in Kerala

The Left Democratic Front, led by CPIM, may wait for Congress to ‘mess up’ instead of trying to aggressively woo small parties from the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) in Kerala, according to early indications.

With 46 seats with the CPIM and 58 seats with the Congress party, both can try to attract small parties to form a government. Their respective alliances have 68 and 72 seats in the 140 member state legislative assembly.

“We do not want to actively attract parties from the other camp. We are not greedy after power,” Binoy Vishwam, the outgoing forest minister and an LDF leader said, after the election results were out.

Asked whether that meant that LDF will not try to form the government at all, he said if parties in the UDF come “on their own” to the LDF, the prospect may open up.

However, political analysts point out that any government formed under the current political circumstances is likely to be short-lived and lead to elections within a few months or a year.

In such a case, the LDF, if it remains out of power, stands a good chance of coming back to power — since the voters will condemn the Congress led UDF for creating instability and not completing a five year term.

Congress is already facing considerable heat from its allies, even before the election dust has settled.

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