DMK-Congress may retain Tamil Nadu – poll survey

The DMK-Congress combine is set to stage a comeback in Tamil Nadu, says the Headlines Today-ORG poll, while Asianet CFORE and CNN-IBN -Week surveys predicted a win for AIADMK.

The post poll survey gives a 48% share of the votes to DMK while Jayalalitha’s AIDMK will get only 47%.

In terms of seats, the poll predicts 115-130 to the DMK-Congress combine while the AIDMK combine will get only around 105-120 seats, according to the poll.

According to the Asianet CFORE survey, however, AIADMK would get 117-132 seats while DMK will get less number of seats, at around 102-117 seats.

41% of the respondents to the Asianet survey favored Jayalalitha as the preferred chief minister, while only 39% favored Karunanidhi.

According to the CNN-IBN – The Week survey, Jayalalitha will get around 120-132 seats while DMK will have to be content with 102-114 seats.